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November 14, 2022

Soaked In Smoke

soaked in leaf smoke, wearing the latest in dirt
walking runway teary-eyed

hands black with burnt wood aloe

throwing wood on the fire

flames shooting up higher, almost kissing a cloud

yellow orange dancing

embedded red embers like diamonds 

gray ash sprinkled like magic dust

faraway dogs barking authoritatively 

wolves howling at full moon bright

bears being bears


red and green piper cub, or beechcraft overhead

lonesome drone engine rhythmic 

raccoons in the bushes, up the trees

breathe deep the forest air

pines, oaks, 10,000 others

sitting in torn cloth fold-up blue chair 

beef jerky and a beer

no better place to be than here

take a walk by the lake reflections 

twinkling stars way up high, planets moon happiness