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November 10, 2022

L.A. Bound On A Greyhound

couldn’t take no more
late night, bus night, gotta get away night

indianapolis 3:35 a.m. to

st.louis hour and 40 layover

coffee and a pastry, some kind of fruit

well-worn stools and dirty floor

old man slumped over bench armrest

now down and westbound with 76 big rigs leading the way

people get on, get off bamboozled

suspicious looking people too

poor looking people looking poorer than I

springfield for some lunch in a rush

joplin (lookin’ for janis and her mercedes-benz)

rolling into oklahoma

tulsa, okc what you got for me?

dinner time, what’s good here?

gonna buy me a couple of oil wells for dessert

el reno (never heard of it) we’re stopping here? really?

trucking into tejas lone star

amarillo yellow armadillo

now in new mexico amigo

overnight sleepy time hope I don’t get knifed

albuquerque should have taken a left turn 

gallup; let’s take a poll who wants to stop? nobody? I thought so

arizona territory packin’ a piece

holbrook, flagstaff (eyes at half mast)

phoenix sun rising high in the steamy sky


blythe, indio, 

peering into san bernardino

not gonna stop till I hit LA and the Hollywood Hills

cruise to the pacific

left coast, west coast, best coast so says a friend 

we shall see

*p.s. a couple of towns not mentioned because 

frankly, they weren’t mentioning (no offense intended)