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November 6, 2022

The Great Pretend

sawing summer’s big old cut tree limbs for tonight’s fire
making little ones out of big ones - reminds me of prison work

except that’s with rocks -

chop chop chopping some wood on a frosty morning

hot cocoa waiting inside

I would have carried water to complete the old Buddhist saying

but I didn’t have a bucket, (hole in it or not)

got a large popcorn tin, you know the kind you might get for Christmas

when somebody don’t know what to get you

in my meditation hut---I keep a blanket inside for cold days

it just occurred to me that I haven’t had to use it for years

but today is definitely a day for it

low temperatures=high intake of hot coffee

finally getting around to wearing some of the Christmas gifts like some new boots

a couple of blue flannel shirts, and a knit hat

now’s the time of the year to use them

when no one was looking I threw myself on the ground and slid down a hill in the snow

alas, there’s no truth in sunny days

the realness is in the rain and snow

and the cold wind that blow

I like to meditate in the forest

but when I can’t get there, I light a candle and open a bottle of pine-sol

use that great pretend mind of mine to pretend

and there I am, among the pines, firs, and cedars