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November 2, 2022

Paranormal 14

The body of Harry Houdini lies in an overgrown, somewhat rundown cemetery in the Queens area of NYC. It is in this eerie place where some have seen his ghost walking about. People may be dying to get in as the old joke goes, but the cemetery is not accepting any new residents.

The Battle of the Somme in 1916, was one of the deadliest battles of WWI. There are reports of ghost soldiers wandering about, some riding ghost horses, others hurt and moaning in agony. Muffled bangs and yells have also been heard in the trenches that still remain to this day.

Time travel can be paranormal activity, and there have been cases reported when a ghost has taken someone into the great beyond as an act of vengeance, longing, or some other reason. In these cases, there was no report of the individual taken ever returning.

A man walked into his room and saw a woman on his bed watching tv. She looked at him and then just disappeared. He checked and found out that she was a previous owner who had died under suspicious circumstances. The tv hadn’t worked in months, and it never worked again!

The Sydney Ghost Train fire at Luna Park Sydney in Australia, killed seven people; six children and one adult, in June 1979. The entire Ghost Train was destroyed in the blaze. The cause is unknown, and ghost sightings and phenomena have been reported as occurring there.

The Tybee Lighthouse in Georgia was built in 1736. Visitors to this scary lighthouse report eerie whistling and the chilling sounds of phantom footsteps. Some even report seeing the ghost of a child while they climbed up the steps, who warned them not to go any higher up the staircase.