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October 30, 2022

The 4

 The 4

come down from the tower

crumbling castle german countryside

you’re alive! you’re alive!

the good doctor has brought you back to life

now you’re looking to terrorize

with that sinister look in your eyes

direct from the carpathian mountains 

dark, foreboding castle high on a hill

your unsettling bid of welcome 

lovely music howling serenade 

the steps to a dismal dining room

shrouded in ominous gloom

the scroll of life

has brought the ancient one back

went out for a walk 

desperate for a beautiful love you once had

the powers still potent to this day 

so they say, so they say

haunted by the wolf inside of you

the pentagram tells all

manifested by the full moon

in a foggy, eerie forest you walk

prowling for your prey

when the sky grows dark and gray