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November 25, 2022


scampering up mountainside
rocks, rocks, rocks to the nth power

white cross trail

undoubtedly named in honor of 

those who fell, slid or passed out 

tumbled down the slope screaming 

down the side into a crevice 

battered and broken; frozen in time

hiking boots making step by step 

starting in thick forest thick roots

granite and ice stairways to the sky

steep and forewarning likely doom

pause to eat some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches 

drink plenty of water 

lay back and enjoy nature being natural 

the journey continues 

above the tree line large boulders

doing it with no supplemental oxygen 

check the weather; push on?

your call mate

push on to the summit before turnaround time 

reach the peak, plant a flag

take a few pictures for posterity 

whipping winds sky begins to snow

Boston skyline somewhat visible

through Jaffrey patchy fog

gotta be careful here

more people die on the descent

then making the ascent 

Monadnock today, Mt. Washington tomorrow 

Everest next week