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November 28, 2022

Arizona Canyon Blues

Arizona riding burrows down down down
strumming a guitar in desert dust G flat

cacti play a song for me, a sad song

white headlights peek down from canyon high above

tryin’ to catch the south wind in a bottle

if not for you here, I’d be there

hair like gold bars

wearing some kind of indian print dress

you said you don’t know but before you go
farewell I say, “we hardly knew ye”

you said goodbyes out the darkness

as you were leaving leaving leaving

have no fear I thought to myself 

there’s another tomorrow tomorrow

its mystical sky known only to the galaxies of the universe

but now the full moon is full

coyotes howl on cue sitting on big brown rocks 

go ahead, walk right out of my circle

I’m sure you got your reasons

guess I wasn’t the one you wanted

think I’ll dig a hole in the sand and hide

where only the stars can see me

scorpions have crawled into my soul

stinging stinging stinging