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October 21, 2022


a week at the cabin, I just had to get away from the house
spent the better part of the day doing shots

playing cards (solitaire, war, a football card game I invented) 

listening to cold winds whipping the visqueen on the porch

then listened to the big old reel to reel tape recorder and winced at the sound of my own voice

late at night, went outside and basked in holy cold cathedral silence

any noise amplified, I could hear a raccoon skittering over the frozen snow across the lake

heavy blankets and ice cold sheets, a perfect combination for a good long coma-like sleep

now it’s afternoon and I lay here in bed under the thick blankets and covers

where hath thou spirit gone? perhaps thy spirit wishes to remain in warmth

the furnace located in the closet of the other bedroom giveth its best, but is overmatched

shuffled into the kitchen like a slug to make some coffee and begin the day, at least what was left of it

no, it seemed more like a hot cocoa event

made a fire in the fireplace and glanced out the window in time to see a couple of deer walking past

the crackling radio announces near whiteout conditions expected tomorrow

resulting in probable road closures so I step out onto the front porch

there’s a large pile of firewood there that I chopped up the other day

sometimes it’s actually good to be ambitious and productive as long as you keep that to a minimum

woke up the next day and it was sunny and I braved the snow covered and ice splattered roads 

went into town for a good breakfast

I took a hard pass on the brain and tongue sandwiches on the menu

had an egg and potato scrambler with about six cups of coffee

so much for the whiteout conditions expected

in the lazy freezing funny sunny afternoon, sat on the pier and listened to the ice crack 

the lake, it groaned like the Titanic when it was going down

on the way home, headed south stopping for a large ice cream cone at Dairy Queen in 4 degree weather

it’s never too cold for ice cream