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October 18, 2022

All Dressed Up and Nowhere To Go

caught the 9:31 from the northbound platform
yellow stand behind me lines faded and mute

went into the city and while the up and comers up and went 

and junior executives were hustling and bustling-- 

I sat on a faded green park bench in the sun 

leisurely read a book

or looked at all the scurvy & scurry

all that scurry made me thirsty so I headed over to rush street

went into a new bar that used to be a great old bar 

it had been redecorated and was way too bright and trendy for my liking

they redecorated all the old world character out of it

met a woman there///dark hair dark outlook

I asked her how she was doing and she said no, we’ve got nothing in common

I said, “We’re all gonna die someday. At least we’ve got that in common.”

she half-smiled and said “That’s true. Are you gonna buy me a drink?”

she told me over the course of several drinks

that she felt like a Monday-everybody hated her

I told her I loved her in a cheerful tone

but those words were empty and trite

I doubt it made a difference

there’s nothing sadder than a soul crying for the stars

maybe it made her feel worse; we parted and I headed

to where I felt more comfortable with the surroundings

the real downtown among the shabby bus station and shabbier confines 

shabby streets and shabby people

shabby alleys with shabby trash

I could hear some jazz music softly coming from an upper floor window

of an old brown brick apartment building 

if it was vinyl playing on an old record player, it would be even more cooler than cool

back up against the side of the building just listening for a while