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October 24, 2022

1000 Miles

motorcycle roaring down an anonymous country road
late at night somewhere in the distance- maybe a mile away, maybe a thousand miles away

february nights are for dreaming about what may come to pass

long dark december nights are for rueing what actually happened

I took my medicine and now we’ll see where the medicine takes me

ahhhhhh, the soul stirring peacefulness of 3 a.m.

fell asleep/unconscious bliss

woke from a tremendously tremendous wonderful life changing exciting spectacular

superlative experience and in the end, it was just a damn dream

it’s freezing lonely mind and I’ve got 1000 miles ahead of me

I’m just a wanderer, from one land mine to another

two days later I pull into the driveway bleary-eyed but glad to be home

crashed for a spell, then called a friend

we drank a vodka toast to Mother Russia and tried to do Russian dances

which ended up with both of us falling on the floor and moving frantically

like upside down bugs and laughing wildly

he went home and I started thinking about the ebb and flow of the universe

lit a red candle and some patchouli incense…just because

rain falling, river flowing, mountain standing

meditated until I fell asleep

got up in the late morning and felt chilled, forgot to turn the furnace on

made some hot chicken noodle soup and that took the chill off me straightaway

walked down to the little market store on the corner 

bought some French bread to eat with the soup

later, going walking in the woods…destination unknown, I may come back or I may not