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September 27, 2022

All Kinds Of Blues

3:30-Midnight shift
working on conveyor belts after the day shift went home

making sure things move just right

pretty sweet, no manager looking over your shoulder

work at your own pace, plenty of space

sometimes asked to work in the freezer section

where they kept hamburger patties and other meats

that sucked, he didn’t come to Florida to work in the damn cold

but that wasn’t too frequent so it was ok

it was quiet and remote and if you ever had a medical event

you’d freeze to death before anybody ever found your sorry ass

sometimes he worked in the section where they selected the candy

pick up a few bars here and there, Hershey, Goodbar, M & M’s, some Skittles

no one would know

I guess they would care if they found out

but there wasn’t too many to find out at those hours

just the muscular black guys who loaded the trucks

and they didn’t give a damn

they’d argue about who was the best boxer ever

one guy said Ali and another guy said Joe Lewis 

I piped in with Marciano and one guy said

“you damn white people with your Marciano”

then we’d just bust out laughing

they they’d go down by the box crusher and drink some port

at ‘lunch’ time; the manager on duty for them just looked the other way

as long as the work got done on time
while the giant fans blew hot air in the summer

some radio station playing dead songs warmed overover the loudspeakers

again and again there was no end