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October 3, 2022

Little Shasta

began with a cozy Shasta trailer
bold orange racing stripe down the side

graduating to 17 foot Fan 

room enough for 2 adults and 2 kids and a dog 

Pennsylvania, New York, Nowhere, Nebraska

Wyoming, Illinois, Indiana and places I don’t remember

living a young boy’s simple life consisting of swimming ponds

walks through woods of pines and pine straw

afternoons of summertime bliss and innocence

long campfires featuring a ‘smoker’

which was a big old log (oak usually) that took FOREVER to burn

it was good for a day at least, maybe two

sending it’s woody perfume skyward

evening now; cooking jelly pies and marshmallows

didn’t care for either one honestly

snap crackle pop goes the fire

but I did indulge in the coffee the adults would make

in blue metal pot starting my coffee addiction at an early age

plastic glowing party lights hanging from the roof, trees

eventually as all things do it would come to an end 

late september/early october, campers pulling out from their reserved spots

fall in the air, winter impatiently on deck 

only a couple kids if any at all at the pool hall/arcade now

where we bought cold bottles of Nehi, Faygo, and Coke

stopping altogether////////

now trailer sits in the driveway

unused, tires rotting, fading gold paint

sad, neglected, no longer wanted relic from the past

lakeside cabin having taken its place as the choice for a weekend getaway

the trailer outlived its usefulness as we all do