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September 22, 2022

Russian Nectar

he failed into retail once more
doing about all what he knew regrettably

this time was different though

more autonomous

there were nights when his friend Willie

would bring in a small bottle of vodka

or maybe he’d bring it, they took turns

and later at night when the customers were out of sight

they went out of sight in the back room

taking swigs of the holy russian nectar

as they called it

so it was the counterculture man manning the counter

and the petty thief in charge of the register

letting people walk out the door with goods after paying

saying that the cash register wasn’t working

and then just pocketing the cash after they left

blaming shoplifters for the missing items

oh boy, what a combination they were

a winning team playing a winning hand

throwing a ball around and knocking things to the ground

off end caps, signs flying about

then somebody’d walk in and they had to stop

as soon as they left, the shenanigans would begin again

the store would close earlier than it was supposed to

and they’d sit in the back drinking

or helping themselves to parts for their cars that they needed

hell, they sure weren’t getting paid much so why not? 

what the hell did the management expect?

air fresheners and spark plug wires, filters and whatever else they wanted

sometimes Willie’s girlfriend would come in

saying in her best whisper

“Hey, what’s this look like?”

squirt some mayonnaise on her tongue and stick it out

they’d disappear behind the storage room door for a while

and it was my one man show for a while

on occasion me and Willie would drive up the road to the classy nudie bar

where the women looked like movie stars

the ill-gotten funds could make you forget your nowhere nothing life

at least for a little while