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August 1, 2022

The Great Meaning

I was contemplating the great meaning of Buddhism
sitting in the crisp cold of a january morning

when a bird sitting overhead on a tree branch shat on my jacket

maybe it was one of those wacky zen masters

that turned himself into a bird after 

meditating and remaining motionless for a year

I started laughing and thought “maybe that’s the answer!”

on an impulse, I gathered up my old zen books 

threw them in the trash seeking true freedom

at 4 a.m., I had a change of heart and was rifling thru the curbside container for them

while keeping an eye out for hungry bears

who might be hungry for some zen wisdom 

banana peels, cookie wrappers, tea bags, Doritos bags (empty of course)

all the necessities of a good life

the whiskey bottles were in the recycling bin-- I’m a good citizen of planet Earth.

later roamed the mountainside looking for nirvana

a small plane flies overhead and I’m suddenly reminded

of the old movie ‘The Flight Of The Phoenix’ with James Stewart

tonight I will reach enlightenment unless I don’t

I’m being paged by Mr. Sam Sara

they say please meet your party on the lower level of Terminal A

I tell him I have a wooden hut in my backyard 

walking until after dark and then going home and doing candle flame meditation

I can’t think of a reason, so I’ll blame the mysterious universe

let me sit around this fire and lose these worldly induced chills