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July 30, 2022

Paranormal 10

Peru upgraded treacherous roads in the highlands and reportedly disturbed graves of long dead Incas. It is believed that offended spirits have taken revenge and produced ‘visions’ of roads that don’t exist and this has resulted in many fatalities from vehicles driving off cliffs

Causimomancy is a divination method based on watching how or whether certain items burn in a fire or how the smoke rises from such fires. Sciomancy is divination assisted by the spirits of the dead or by using the shape, size, and changing appearances of shadows.

A Fokker monoplane was used in a 1927 try for a transatlantic flight from England to Canada in an attempt to be first to cross east to west. The plane had 3 occupants including Princess Anne of Lowenstein-Wertheim-Fruedenberg. Neither aircraft nor occupants were ever seen again.

Black Magic is said to be used to cast spells that are designed to hurt others and cause them misfortune. The use of black magic can be traced to the ritualistic worship of spirits long ago and the power these spirits are believed to have had over things.

Louis La Prince was a French artist and early developer of the movie camera. He mysteriously vanished from a train bound for Paris in 1890. Neither his body nor luggage were ever found. The why’s behind his disappearance are unknown. He was officially declared dead in 1897.