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August 4, 2022

Michigan Avenue

north wind heavy jacket type of winter morning
I went downtown but still couldn’t shake that ominous feeling

that was mugging me and wouldn’t let go

boats bobbing in the harbor, early morning silver water

walking down Michigan Avenue for the 10,000th time

walking down Michigan Avenue for the first time

today was a morning when the bars couldn’t open fast enough

vodka, whiskey, cognac?...which one do I want? I can’t decide, can you give me all three?

overcast all day; never saw the sunset/dark earlier than usual

of course, it’s hard to see a sunset from a dark bar

imagining what might be behind a door is often more satisfying than actually seeing what’s there

I couldn’t find a soulmate, so I went with a Coffee-mate

it’s all so depressing if you think about it; therefore I shan’t think about it

let’s make the world something we can all enjoy

after a few drinks I think it’s been a good week so far

I’ve written what I think are five pretty damn good poems so far

so far so good so far

I seek only quiet restful afternoons and dreams filled with contentment

somebody comes over and offers me something

no thanks, I’d rather just drink

spirit, I really need you to be with me tonight

went home and put on some old jazz

you can never go wrong with pizza and Coca-Cola, even at 1 a.m.

found an old movie to watch and fell asleep

cold pizza and Coca-Cola breakfast--breakfast of champions