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August 6, 2022

Paranormal 11

What is an indirect voice phenomena? When legitimate it can be chilling. It is when an entity appears to speak by using the vocal apparatus of a living person, i.e. a medium that is conducting a seance. This occurs when the medium is ‘taken over’ by a spirit.

Slate writing is something used in seances in which the spirit writes a message on a previously blank slate. Many fraudulent mediums found a way to manipulate the slate to fool seance goers. But is it possible that a spirit could ‘write’ a message on a slate in order to communicate?


Borley Rectory was a house famous for paranormal activities and was once described as the most haunted house in England. It was built in 1862. A skull was found inside the house and a carriage pulled by headless horsemen is said to have been seen there.

Transliminaty is defined as having a hypersensitivity to psychic phenomena and having an innate ability to being able to pick up on paranormal sensations and ‘vibrations’ that are around them. This occurs far more frequently in a receptive and open-minded person. 

There have been many reported cases of a vanishing hitchhiker, a legend in which people who are traveling by vehicle, meet or are joined by a hitchhiker who then vanishes without explanation, often when the vehicle is still moving. 

The term witch doctor gets a variety of reactions...some will scoff, others are curious, still others may become terrified. Reputations aside, back in the day, a witch doctor was originally a type of healer, one who treated ailments believed to have been caused by witchcraft.