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August 8, 2022

The Maine Man

makin’ my way in the cold rain of maine
nothing but trees and clouds, trees and clouds, how beautiful!

pine tree tops scratching the sky

the path just goes on and on, even after death

but without faith in something, what do you have?

no destination, in no hurry, just a hatful of snow

now that it’s turned colder

wonder how far I am from the coast

—doesn’t matter—oceans are pretty but they don’t give a damn about you

I took a side road and now I”m not sure where I am

geese flying south/how do they know?/what do they know?

take me with you

drop me on some south carolina back road

walking among the palmettos and the carolina wrens

the state bird is the wild turkey

and I could use some wild turkey right about now

to warm me up and keep me going

the night has come on quickly wielding a dagger

nights found with no identification papers should be arrested and shot

normally I don’t care but my bones are feeling it

I know a good place in rockland

but I’m not sure where I am

usually, I throw on another hoodie and I’m good

but I wanna go thaw out somewhere

I could try hitchhiking but there haven’t been that many cars pass

maybe I could get a ride with a trucker, they’ll usually pick you up

I’m getting close to Augusta the sign says

55 minutes (by car) to rockland

I’m too cold and wet, gotta stay here for the night

get a new case of pneumonia