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August 27, 2022

S.S. Baychimo

steel-hulled 1,322 ton cargo steamer abandoned
after it steamed into some pack punk ice

it got stuck once

it got stuck twice

twice wasn’t as nice

trapped near Barrow, Alaska

doomed to sink…or so they thought

after a blizzard, the boat wasn’t seen 

the captain thought it had sunk, but wait there’s more…

it was seen by a seal hunter (boo! bad) months later

after rescuing some precious furs aboard

they said bon voyage thinking it would sink

but it remained afloat and was sighted at various times 

between 19 and 31 and 19 and 69 in the Chukchi Sea 

which was the last time it was sighted

hasn’t been seen since

and of course we all know where the Chukchi Sea…is

off the northwestern Alaskan coast 

without ever being salvaged

it had been sighted many times

still unmanned and adrift for almost forty years

people finally were able to board the ship several times

each time they got driven away

by bad weather or maybe

some kind of spirits aboard that didn’t want them there

as it is, it’s one of the longest sailing ghost ships in the world