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August 23, 2022

750 CC

happiness is an open road and some motorcycle
leather jacket and boots on my way

hear the roar, feel the rumble

750 cc enough for me

don’t like nothin’ too heavy

I oughta know better

had a friend called ‘scarface’

after he went through the back window of a hatchback

that pulled out in front of him

two blocks from his house

a friend with 1100 cc of bad ass bike

collided with his own friend as they rode together

broken neck, arm, lucky to be alive

a guy I worked with-with too much bike for a beginner

but he was a smart/wise/ass who knew better

damn fool already fell off once/ didn’t get hurt

one night into the back of a semi truck, lost a leg, internal injuries 

had a relative riding around drunk on a dirt bike

after his college graduation, too much sangria

no helmet, fell off going pretty slow

head hit a rock and that was it - what a waste

not if but when my friend

when my friend - someday it will end

trees pass, cars and trucks pass, life passes