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August 18, 2022

South Bend Bound

strumming a guitar- cold morning in the subway tunnel
even so, Hello winter, I’ve missed you

I got aboard the 11:15 headed for south bend

to see what’s left of the family 

catchup with a few formerly close friends 

Looking at the world through dirty train windows

south bend was the last stop 

so I pulled the knit over my eyes and slept 

most of the way, waking only when

the station announcements were made

I devised that I was an up and coming writer

having been published in several Chicago

underground magazines which was partially true

and that I had done some art shows

which I had done- few and far between

but I wouldn’t mention the few and far between part

I would make it sound like I was on the way up

if you tell a lie often enough, many times 

it becomes the truth 

at least in your own mind and often in the minds of others too

we pulled into the last stop 

I got off to an eerily empty platform 

with no one waiting to greet me

(they had gotten the time I was arriving wrong)

so since it was only a couple miles to my sister’s 


I started walking there stopping only 

to warm myself at a local pub for a spell

then continued until at last I was there

with a backpack full of made-up stories of glories