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August 14, 2022

Into The Wild, Out Of The Wilder

getting up early is the root of all evil
man, it just ruins the rest of my day

but I had to take a friend to the airport

came home and read two chapters of the latest book I’m reading 

a lot of buddhist blabber jabber

the dogs chewed on sticks and rolled around in the dead leaves from autumn

fell asleep in the outdoor recliner

but not for long---leaf blowers, wannabe Charlie Mingus on his bass next door wake me

we go inside (me and the dogs)

they flop down on their dog beds

I flop down on my bed but can’t go to sleep--too tired

time is so mysterious, sometimes it flies and sometimes it crawls

and today it’s crawling on wounded knees

now it’s an afternoon of a medicine induced nap

a sickly color of pale yellow sunset on the shade 

a long evening bearing down on me like a dragoon waving a saber

light headache requiring heavy dose of coffee

stare out the window at the cars passing by

no moon tonight, but I know you’re there

I just had to get away - any way

got into the van and drove until I was almost out of gas trying to clear my mind

into the wild and out of the wilder

imposing mountain; let me impose upon you this starry night

I’m wide awake now///guess I’ll talk to the stars