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August 30, 2022

Crazy Weed

these things that started off as crazy weed
in a million different directions

north, south, east, west, north by northwest

east south, western pacific

but if you let them go, they started to look

like trees, nice looking trees rising up 

touching the glow of the heavens

with dark green leaves 

medium sized palm tree palming

with fronds that slapped together in the wind

sounding ominous, menacing

a couple of evergreens, I love evergreens

some kind of big bushes that would bloom

with these hallucinogenic looking purple flowers 

just begging to take you on a trip

two weeks of trips by the bay

all cordoned off by a pine fence

I used to sit down and meditate behind the greenery 

no one could see me from the nosy windows of the house 

so dense and lush for this lush

one summer I started using an old shed

for my meditation out of the winds and rain 

after some years, I noticed that the thicket 

had become less dense and in fact had

practically vanished 

the palm tree had died and it’s fronds had

turned brown and brittle and broke at a mere touch

the evergreens were thinned out and were on life support 

the purple flower sprouting bushes appeared anorexic 

and no longer giving free trips anywhere

the pine fence now dirty brown-weather beaten

in my old meditation place, you’d be spotted immediately; there was no longer any holy privacy