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July 4, 2022

Paranormal 3

Dematerialization is when a ghost for example who perhaps can be seen makes himself invisible to all. Dematerialization is different from decomposing. Mozart was a composer and when he died he became a decomposer. Maybe the ghost of Mozart has been seen around the Vienna???

Dream Interpretation is believing that a prophecy can be deduced by the study of dreams and interpreting what a dream or series of dreams means and how it somehow correlates to your life. No matter how disjointed a dream may be or how bizarre, dream interpretation is the belief that somehow, someway, it can be correlated to your life in some kind of rational manner.

Astral projection: is about having an intentional out-of-body experience, one where a body travels outside of itself to astral planes throughout the universe...The astral universe is said by some to be hundreds of times larger than the material universe...and it can be done with no carry-on or baggage fees.

Some people believe that a guardian angel is looking out for them. That’s an angel whose job it is to protect and guide a person. Indeed, the belief in guardian angels can be traced through the beginning of times. If true, the ‘guardian angels’ have been taking their coffee breaks at the most inopportune times for many people.

A talisman is a charm or object that is said to possess magical powers. It can be used to ward off evil and prevent harm from coming to the person who has it. Among other things, it could be a charm, a ring that’s been inscribed, an animal tooth or foot, or a ‘magic’ stone.

Automatic Writing is writing down in a stream of consciousness form while in a deep meditative state or after falling unknowingly into such a state. It provides a message not from the writer, but instead from someone who is using the writer as a channel.