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July 3, 2022

No Direction Known

truth often takes a leave of absence
fortunes of war shift
hoping the shifts at the front are temporary

love sometimes goes AWOL and can’t be found again

-slipped behind enemy lines

         -pirate radio, all that jazz

better than spending some hard time in the brig

I’m thinking all this

wander through woods that remind of the Ardennes

taking baby steps through a minefield

unfold map of mayhem from my army jacket pocket

sitting on fallen tree sprawled on the forest floor

like so many others have done before

now it starts to snow -- great -- normally I love snow

but not today

no direction known

blend in with the locals if possible

hide in barns, attics, cellars

don’t wanna be found no more

no more Tokyo Rose or Axis Sally or Mata Hari

don’t wanna hear your names or your voices

from now on, I’m strictly on a private line - off the hook