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July 1, 2022

Paranormal 2

An aura is a type of colored emanation that is said to surround a human body, or in some cases maybe an animal or even an object. This emanation can be seen by some that have the power to do so. It is a type of ‘energy field’ that surrounds the subject. Auras can come in a variety of colors that reflect the nature of the ‘aur-ee’.

Throwing salt into the air and reading the pattern it makes on the floor is called alomancy; a form of divination. Salt is considered by some to be lucky...therefore there are those that throw salt over their shoulder for good luck. Do you consider salt to be lucky?

Numerology is the perceived mystical relationship between numbers and happenings. Some people may have what they consider a ‘lucky’ number. In some cultures, certain numbers are considered to be lucky and some are considered to be unlucky.  It’s a way of predicting future events by using interpretations of numbers in relation to coinciding occurrences. 

Astrology is using a date of birth to predict the future and to reveal personality traits by charting celestial positions (planets, stars, etc) and movements. Were you born when the moon was in the seventh house and Jupiter was aligned with Mars? Do you believe in such notions?

Candle Reading is an attempt at foretelling the future by looking at a candle flame or by dropping some wax into water and reading the shapes, or just interpreting shapes made by a melting candle. Can this type of thing really foretell the future? Who knows?

Sometimes by using hypnosis, meditation, or other means, one can unearth previous experiences from previous lives. This process is called Past Life Regression and is different from people who can recall past lives at will. Do you believe you have lived a past life(s)?