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July 24, 2022

Paranormal 8

Knocking on wood, the breaking of a mirror, walking under a ladder, fear of the number 13…all are considered superstitions. Silly? Archaic? Ever wonder why some airplanes still don’t have a row 13 or some buildings don’t have a 13th floor?

Sometimes superstition can hold a powerful effect over people and this can be crippling and of great detriment to them. Of course, there are ‘harmless’ superstitions such as ‘lucky shirts’, or ‘lucky numbers’ that in reality aren’t any ‘luckier’ than any other…or are they?

An empath can sense and feel someone’s emotions as if it’s part of their own experience. It’s easy to discern someone’s feelings when they are smiling or crying, or showing some sort of outward emotion, but an empath can discover these feelings in someone without the person showing any outward signs of emotion.

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese tradition that claims to use energy forces to harmonize people with the environment around them. Contemporary forms of it show up in furniture arrangements, rooms, or colors that are chosen. Some believe feng shui is helpful while others believe the whole idea to be a complete sham.

Channeling is used to relay messages directly from a spiritual source through a medium by indirect voice during a seance when the medium is trying to contact the world beyond, or as in automatic writing. Messages are said to come from those who are from the spirit world...i.e. dead.

In the mysterious world of spiritualism, a small enclosed area with a chair, low lighting, and a mirror set so that it will not reflect anything except darkness is called a psychomanteum, and it is believed needed by some to communicate with those beyond the grave.