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July 26, 2022

Jazz In The Park

young woman in teal sweater singing along
deliriously washed over in saxophone tones

from the man on the stage - delirious ecstasy 

couple of grandma types eating hot dogs and looking befuddled

more of a garden club “Who’s your doctor” type than jazz fans

someplace to go to kill time until the early bird special 

but it’s a mostly middle-aged wine and cheese crowd this afternoon

talking about their jobs, kids, wives, husbands, lovers

young hefty woman with too tight, too short shorts

parading around looking for something or someone 

big smile woman with too red lipstick bobbing her head

auburn haired beauty just sitting quietly watching

looking like she’s not sure what to make of it

hair shoulder length, maroon sweater and locket

now it’s getting darker, lights taking effect

the mood changes growing slightly darker

old man of the sea with captain’s hat and pipe

reeking of old spice and salt water

giving his wife (or girlfriend of the port) tips on jazz musicianship

******/////frenetic drum solo/////****** crash boom bash picks up the pace

girl in teal sweater looks orgasmic moving about the place

smiling, enjoying herself, massively stoned

music goes on deep into the night, deep-deep