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July 27, 2022

Paranormal 9

The Hope Diamond is described as ‘the most famous diamond in the world’. It has been said to have a curse upon it. Many owners have met mysterious and unexpected demises through four centuries of ownership. It is currently in a Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C.

There isn’t much in palmistry that can’t be studied up on in an afternoon. The ‘best’ palm readers are ones able to ‘sell’ their interpretations the best and give the best performance, and have subjects that are open-minded. Can lines of a palm really be an indication of the future? Who knows?

Bright white lights, comforting music, a sense of peace all have been descriptions of near death experiences that people said they have felt. Sometimes a feeling of leaving the body and looking down at one’s self or moving through a tunnel or up a staircase have been reported. 

Quija boards; controlled by spirits or manipulated by human touch? One superstition about them is that if disposed of improperly, they will haunt the ex-owner. I had a friend who died young under mysterious circumstances. Was the improperly discarded Ouija board to blame?

Ambrose Bierce, journalist, poet, writer of short stories, was touring Civil War battlefields when he ventured into Mexico and accompanied Pancho Villa as an ‘observer’. This was during the chaotic times of the Mexican Revolution. He disappeared in Mexico and was never seen again.

Can voices of the dead be ‘heard’? If so, what would they tell us? Advice, warnings? Perhaps these voices are being emitted from some with a type of spiritual energy, or maybe most of the dead are content to rest in peace and wish not to communicate with us. What do you think?