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June 15, 2022

Souls Onboard

tombstones in the trees surrounded by dead leaves
forlorn footstone in the rain, practically covered in dirt and encroaching grass;

have you no one to look after you?

the dog reading my mind…it’s gone beyond being mysterious

now it’s downright mystical cosmos paranormal spooky

interesting that when I watch some airplane crash shows

they sometimes refer to an aircraft having for example - 154 ‘souls’ on board…

154 souls were lost

to me, it makes it sound creepier -

a soul is a mysterious thing

you may encounter your soul one day on a long late afternoon walk 

with long late afternoon shadows reaching into you

and pulling out things you never knew you had inside of you

as a chilly wind comes up and a feeling overtakes you

you’re not in control

or maybe you discover a sliver of it

sailing into tempestuous skies ahead in an already battered vessel taking on water

finding out what you’re made of so to speak

tougher than a two dollar steak

of soft like an uncooked hamburger