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June 21, 2022

Full Of Woe

seems like those gray clouds following around are my only friend
they can’t touch me inside though behind blue walls

wednesday’s child is full of woe it’s been said 

I checked and I was born on a Wednesday…well, that explains it

thanks to the person who originally wrote that--

you placed a curse on whomever was born on a Wednesday so thanks, thanks a lot

afternoon full of ennui filling up a papasan chair

slats of sun lazily moving across the wooden floor while they listen to steely dan

pretty soon it’s dark and the neighbors lights are on

and they’re talking about how their day was over dinner

I’m drinking my dinner and caught up in a big wonder

later, lots of coffee with old jazz records spinning 

their spectrums of color gloriously on the turntable

no I ain’t misbehavin’ fats, I’m being good and good is boring

no wild makes Jack a dull guy

so I head over to the Holiday Inn cantina

the music’s worse over there and people look and act like corpses

but at least there’s something different to look at

Ms. Professional downing a double manhattan 

after another fun filled day I’m sure

and over in the corner 

a couple that desperately needs a room

I need another drink