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June 24, 2022

Dear Diary

my teenage cousin has taken up writing lucky her
I think she probably has a lot of company

teenage girls writing poetry in pink diaries and spiral notebooks

doodles, drawings, deep feelings

kept hidden under mattresses or in closets full of stuffed animals

that no longer hold any attraction

places where mom is least likely to stumble upon them

innermost thoughts written on sacred paper

dreaming or fearing of one thing or another

in between the dances and the football games

the soccer matches and the times out with friends

innocent times confusing times heartbreaking times

many of those never live to see the light of sun splashed days

the world looks far different when your 14

your perspective is one of a limited frame of reference

she’s looked at a couple of my poems and said they were good

she’s just being nice to a cognac soaked scribbler

lots of people oughta write things down

might make them feel better

keep them from saying or doing things they shouldn’t

maybe some of them would become good poets