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June 27, 2022

The Old Watering Hole

visit the old watering hole hole in the wall
one small window for man, parking lot full of rocks and weeds for mankind

the old stomping ground 

with the regulars at the bar who regularly get stomped on;

their irregular lives that bring them there everyday regularly 

hoping to find or lose something in their looking for a hug sips 

their at the end of their rope gulps 

their elbows on the bar slumpiness 

where a “how about one on the house” request

from a decidedly obnoxious non-regular 

might be met with a roundhouse and a one way trip outside

courtesy of joe the perennially pissed off bartender/owner

but it’s time to leave all this depression 

ride the bumpy poetry of a city bus

home now; an enclave of respite from the menacing mauraders

now for some splashes of paint on the canvas 

alongside some splashes of whiskey in a glass

while engaged in this endeavor 

I’ve come to the conclusion 

that scars don’t show maturity as some say

but they do give you a rogue-like flair