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June 12, 2022

German Lunch

a freezing night and a fresh batch of stars
harvest moon, reap no joy from me

gotta dig deep in my torn pocket if I even got any

laying in the dewy green grass

fast forward to mourning--alarm rings --- not looking forward to this

I was supposed to go an interview downtown for a job I really didn’t want

but I don’t wanna go don’t cha know so I won’t

instead I think I’ll go the Berghoff for lunch

some wienerschnitzel and an old fashioned german bock beer

the kind my old man drank many sundowns ago

in his brown easy chair in front of the tv in the walnut wood paneled den

watching some hockey or football or whatever

yelling at the tv like they can really hear him

then I’ll hang around a couple of old haunts for some more drinks

buying drinks for the ghosts

still fascinated by watching the drawbridges in downtown Chicago operate

up and down to let the big boats by

see the rich and famous or rich anyway on their yachts

see the rich and famous or infamous walking around on michigan avenue

but hey take a right at jealousy road and you’ll end up in bittertown

life ain’t fair but why would anyone think it should be?

should of caught the 3;15 or 4;25 or 5;15 home but what the hell

the trains run all night and so will I, so will I