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June 8, 2022

Eyes Of An Artist

you see red but I see cherry, blush, merlot, and rose
I’m always seeing stuff like that

neon of the new shining and flashing; 

scat singing boldly with the music of the night at the speed of sound

in the clubs and in the bars where you can see the stars

I must do my part…no bar left behind

I’ll have the usual and if you don’t have that, I’ll take what you got

scotch, gin -- that’s the mood I’m in

no matter what time it is, it’s later than you think

so sup up and have another

tonight’s dream/nightmare will be sponsored by cognac

all rights reserved, no republication without written consent

emptying a bottle and listening to the tom-toms of the rain on the windows

the wind is blowing with criminal intent


here it was after 2 a.m. and Miss Sagittarius walks in the place

I’ll be going home with Miss Superbuzz though

with her leather jacket and tight jeans of blue and whiskey breath

when the morning weasels its way through the crooked blinds in my room

she’ll be long gone down the road waiting for me the next night

I can find her standing behind a bar somewhere

what label will she be wearing tonight?

it should be illegal for there to be unhappiness in the world

I may be in the gutter but my spirit is in the milky way

riding along in the sparkle of constellations and galaxies

I may not have much, but I’m probably happier than most men