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May 18, 2022


I called my soul and received a “this number has been disconnected
no further information is available about Y-O-U-R-S-O-U-L“ message

automatic end-of-call all lines down

buffering- signal lost then a scratchy dial tone

so I rode over to be beside the sea

I like to go down to the port and be among the big ships

huddled together for warmth and sharing their tales

of larger than life captains

beyond the ships, the vast sea shared my emptyness 

that no compass, no sextant, no north star could help me with

no magellan, no columbus, no cabot drake or raleigh

our hearts get keelhauled over the course of our lives 

yet they keep beating in endless hope

uncertainty lay ahead like a fog engulfed treacherous coast

phantom light somewhere in the rocks guiding us toward doom

twisting through swells that were peering over my shoulder

I was on an endless wander

now laying on a wooden pier damp from the evening rain

nearly quiet, feeling alone and happy as a clam

the mist is rejuvenating like shots of adrenaline

nature is the greatest therapist

water sloshing around the pilings

I ride back home at peace with my world

do a little light reading on blood spatter analysis

turn out the lights and what do I see?

mr. moonlight peering through the windows at me

what are you looking for sir?

if you’re looking for answers, I’m fresh out

if you’re looking for love, I have none to give