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May 21, 2022

Grande Cup

blustery wintry day with the jacket collar up and knit hat pulled down; eyes looking at the ground

the wind cried for Mary but she was nowhere to be found

sorry, but I will not show you my pocketful of scorpio

last night, lost in jazz, I forgot to to to bed

youths on the street corners and in the alleys full of fire and misplaced angst

your downtown avenues are filled with junior executives, career women

up and comers, down and outers, out and abouters

agitated rivers splashing crashing against beige brown no personality rocks

agitated livers with an ax to grind

went down to the coffeeshop in my best flannel shirt/hiking boots

I ordered a grande cup of happiness but they were all out;

all they had was yesterday’s tasting drip bitterness

I’d like to do nice things for people but it’s out of my comfort zone

flurries falling 6-8 inches possible in time for rush (not rush) hour

sat all alone and stared at my phone

looked up and it was really starting to come down— made me smile

place emptying out but I stayed and ordered some more diesel oil

I’m walking distance away

I’m in no hurry, I’ll just watch the snow come down