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May 24, 2022


so physically and mentally exhausted
I was so tired so tired, egg-hausted
I couldn’t think of nothing but my own fatigue
it was like having taken too many downers or so I’ve been told (wink)

my cognitive functioning was askew

missed my exit in a mental fog

making a u-turn in loose gravel median

pulling into the other lanes oblivious of traffic 

I couldn’t keep my eyes open

nearly taking the turnpike exit up into the sky

lethargy settling in; gotta keep moving

mind and body like lead

I sensed I was in a dream but I couldn’t wake up

the surroundings and people kept changing 

even though I was in the same place

I wanted to get my car and go home

but I couldn’t find it

they kept hiding it from me 

making excuses as to why they still had it

then someone led me to my car

but it wasn’t my car

it had arkansas plates on the back of it

missouri plates on the front 

and I’m not from either one of those places

I looked at it closer and realized it wasn’t my car either 

the guy said he had wrecked my car

so they were giving me a comet I could have

which was perfect because my mind was clearly somewhere in deep space

amid the telstars and constellations