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May 15, 2022

The Darkness Of A November Morning

in the darkness of a november morning
was the darkness of a november morning and nothing else

flipped on the cobweby dingy garage light and my motorcycle was staring at me

it looked like it needed to stretch its legs

so off we went in the dark to ride into the light

span the globe, or at least a part of it

our wild spirit led us down this path of no itinerary

no reservations, no idea

just keep riding and see what happens

there are times to throw caution to the wind

I threw caution, common sense, and care to the wind because this was one of those times

open road show me the way

lines of reality solid and broken flashing by

green signs, blue signs, orange signs

what would it be, indiana or michigan?

indiana it was

old ski resort I learned to ski at at now chained off and boarded up

long time famous turkey restaurant that

I didn’t care much for (overrated) now a vacant lot

that old boxcar I passed tagged and sitting by itself on the siding

abandoned and sad it needed a drink so I gave it one

came upon an abandoned road

that had lost its direction, its guiding light

now it wanders aimlessly without its guardian angel

I tried to comfort it but I didn’t know where I was going either

it whispered to me to its problems but what could I do?

alas, it’s usually better not to get involved