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May 12, 2022

A Good Buddhist

I could never be a good buddhist
I don’t have that compassionate nature

I can’t lie - I’m no hypocrite 

have had a hut in the backyard for years

the people here before me

let their riding mower use it to meditate 

oil leaking grass chopping buddha seeking hulk


wearing fresh cut grass after shave

aromatic smell permeating the air

with summer days perfume sprinkled all over it

but I’ve always used it strictly as a meditation hut

exactly like the old forest monks had

exactly.. except mine has wi-fi

it used to have doors on it

but rats kept getting inside and making a mess

the wooden doors were rotting so I took them off

now it looks more outdoorsy; like a lean-to

the mountain men used long ago

trappers needing some shelter 

to rest and rest their beaver pelts

and whatever else they could trap

then bring to the rendezvous for cash money

I sprayed for roaches and put 

poison down for the rats

I suppose the compassionate buddhist would 

capture them and release them elsewhere

they are after all sentient beings 

I just want to KILL! KILL! KILL! them I say bluntly 

I’m even okay with spiders and put them outside 

if I find them in the house 

but roaches, rats, and ants, THEY GET IT!!!

sentient beings or not

the riding mower is a far more compassionate buddhist than I ever could be

although it certainly chops up its share

of sentient beings while performing its duties

but it probably offers prayers