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May 8, 2022


spending a brisk rugged day in the green chevy astro van
content to let pass unproductively... reading an old 1977 who’s who in baseball book

taking a couple of hard naps which don’t make me feel rested

I’d tell you about my dream but it didn’t make any sense

I’ll tell you instead about my life that doesn’t make any sense

listening…. off and on to a radio I got at railroad salvage

masking tape holding the batteries in 

the rain drips and drops on the roof from the oak trees I’m under

cool and rainy tonight...beautiful

then the thunder rocked and the storm rolled in

started raining so hard it sounded like a dump truck 

was dropping a load of rocks on top the van

rain let up about 2, fell asleep

I never take the sunrise for granted but there it was

went for a walk and the campground looked like a deVlaminck painting

colors splashed everywhere

reflecting in puddles on the muddy road

from last night's shower

looked like a Hopper painting in the sense

that there wasn’t anybody else around and it looked lonely