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May 5, 2022

October Is My Favorite Month

got up in the morning, wrote some poetry, and went back to bed
give me a motorcycle and some open road and I’m good

I had a bike and there was some open road nearby, so off I went

nowhere to go really, but just rode on the road baby

streets covered in fallen leaves looking like a mosaic 

by one of those ultra-hip with it so cool artists with a mission statement 

I decided then October was my favorite month

drove over the old wooden bridge 

into the land of maple reds, golds, and yellows

parked and laid out on the grass mind empty

the sun was heading over to the other part of the world

at dusk, I stopped at a railroad crossing for a train 

with all the twinkling lights, it was like a parade of christmas lights passing by

went into the city, skyscrapers towering above me with their sterile white lights

peered into the inexpensive restaurants at people 

sitting and eating their dinners and imagined their conversations

decided it was time to get back

I don’t like riding my cycle at night

tip-toed all the way home as fast as I could

I needed a drink and I don’t care much for gin

but that’s all there was so gin it was

need something to do tonight

think I’ll hold a seance for Houdini and see if he gets in touch