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May 1, 2022

I'll Have Another

standing in the downpour, thirsty soul, drenched in happiness
deep in the forest among the acorns

deep into thought like the leaves piled on the forest floor

without putting up with the occasional sunny day -

  • we wouldn’t appreciate the clouds and rain as much

rode into town once it stopped raining

met a friend and me and my friend, were the only two souls in the old once grand

but now seen better days street level bar this afternoon

talked about the new times, talked about the old times

talked about the never happened times

got ready to leave but the storm was being apoplectic--- so I’ll have another

one more drink turned into several more but I didn’t mind

it wasn’t like I had anywhere to go

we agreed life should be a crescendo, not a fade-out

headed out around 6, I think it was 6

went home and made a pot of coffee

coffee is reality, tea is a hug, and I needed some reality

late night with some old no.7 and some jazz

that painting of St. Jude I was doing

turned into a fine example of abstract psychedelia instead