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April 28, 2022

Fluent In Ocean

calming peace—spirit like a whispering river
looked up at the clouds trying to discern my fortune

but they parted- and there was nothing left

sky puts on a heavy jacket of charcoal gray 

very cool go inside breeze came up

solar sun set behind the mountains 

icy skeletal fingers of the dark/// creeping shadows overran the landscape

half moon, twinkling stars, chilly wind

always thought stars were overrated

I’ve found that stars have always been

‘don’t want to get involved’ bystanders

she said she loved me and my mind danced 

like no one was watching as they say

the night grew longer and I had my suspicions

the music grew louder and darker, or maybe it only seemed that way

sunday morning often has a far different perspective than Saturday night

last night was all like a vague dream that I couldn’t remember clearly

it didn’t feel the same because it wasn’t

my heart was full of love and ache

drove over to the beach to spend the day with the seagulls

the ocean was trying to tell me something and luckily I’m fluent in ocean

it told me that it wasn’t real at all, it was just the liquor talking

ate my dinner at a beachside restaurant tonight 

while a portrait of Hemingway stared at me, mocking me on several counts

I was a lonely wanderer once more, so I called myself on the phone 

but there wasn’t much to say

the wind blows a different tune for the lonely