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April 25, 2022

Down This Road

cold blue sky over open road ahead
crisp autumn coming to an end;

sun checks out early now

winter my friend, it will be good to see you!

I’ll pick you up at airport

but today is be a cracking fall day

a day for throwing around the football 

or raking helpless leaves into submission 

leaves that desperately held on with their little hands

to life as long as they could

but have now fallen like british empire dominoes 

I pass cornfields, silos, barbed fence, cows

farmhouses with families I know nothing about

but envy their chicken and noodles lives anyway

motor growls and wheels whine

cracked yellow and white paint

that have seen hundreds of thousands

of cars and pick-up trucks and semi trucks

motorhomes and bedraggled hitchhikers

and motorcycles like mine — roll down this road

slumped, heaving and gravel pounded

I come upon railroad tracks

pull off on the soft shoulders 

wait for the 3:30

around 430, I hear the horn 

train arriving fashionably late of course 

engineer gives me a wave;

maybe wishing he was on a motorcycle 

I wave back of course wish I was driving the train 

guess I’ll go home and throw a pork steak on the grill

salt, pepper, bbq sauce — fry some potatoes

watch the boats with their red and green heterochromia eyes

putt putt by on the river dark and deeply wet