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April 22, 2022

Hoping For A Hurricane

today’s forecast calls for partly sunny today
a 90% chance of aggravation

clear skies and rough seas

but then authority isn’t what it used to be

reality a cold shower

you gotta be kind of an oddball to put up with all of it

the future looked stagnant--we could only hope for a hurricane

to rearrange the already strange

the days of yore are no more---everything has changed

there was change in the air so I reached up

grabbed some and put it in my pocket

I found the truth one day and then told it to leave me alone

there would never be a night like tonight and there will never be again

never lose your belief in magic

once you do you age 100 years

everybody has to break the rules once in a while

so he says he told her “my heart belongs to you”

“I love you — I can’t go on without you”

— oh, please 

I said that’s almost always a dreadful mistake

his mind was like a pinwheel but his brain was concrete

everybody told him about her, but what can you do?

I voted for taking the horses into town and rounding up some fun

the old dog knew what would happen but he didn’t say a word

evening was just starting so sup up and have another

‘everything’s cool’ said the cat with the ray-ban shades

it was a take no prisoners kind of night

but love seemed to be on backorder 

serious drinkers only winding up in a sketchy harbor bar alone

downtown had become more of a run-down

run-down in the ground