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April 19, 2022

Sounds of Raindrops

where is this spirit that you speak of?
is it the sun crossing the sky majestically?

or the moon wading into the waters of time

bringing light and reflection upon its waves

no universe left behind

the answer you get isn’t always the answer

there is no darkness that cannot be illuminated

even if it’s lit up by false candles

everyone needs a touch of madness/// 

it’s the only way to stay sane

whenever it’s too something, be assured

for the wheel will turn

it was an afternoon of beautiful idleness - 

for candles and incense

you must listen intently to hear the voices of the raindrops

if you don’t know hear them, you’re wasting your time

nothing seemed to matter much anymore

that’s all that mattered

at last, there was some clarity

that’s when she started telling me in a low whisper

a scorpio moon was rising in the east

there was a magical winter solstice coming

an equinox of epic proportions so she said

the 12th house was coming 

the waxing moon a-begging

saturn returning to the celestial sphere…/

I just kept trying to decipher the raindrops