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April 7, 2022

Just Between You & Me

bet on black, bet on red, came up green
right between the eyes

between the running lights

between the wickets 

halfway between fantasy and reality 

life and death

substance and the metaphysical——

one foot on the pier and on in the boat

couldn’t make heads or tails out of it

not that it really mattered

death’s at the bottom of everything they have said

that one macabre bottle of wine we all share

no matter who we are; refugee or VIP—-

or somewhere in between 

I drink to forget—I don’t forget to drink

proudly say I never fell off a barstool

between you and me 

that’s for hack amateurs—-

who can’t hold their liquor 

spilling it in a bathroom or parking lot

or worst of all, in a friend’s car—