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April 4, 2022

I've Been Walking On The Railroad

just walkin’ on the railroad
me, the ties, the rocks, the rails

get away from the pressures of so ci e t

they say it’s illegal, so what I say

so what?—sooo what?— soooooo what?—

that never stopped me from doing something before

they’re on the lookout for people like me

free spirits being free spirits

kickin’ stones in unbridled joy 

hiding out and sheltering in dark tunnels

until I hear a big boy coming blasting his horn

like dizzy crossing a bridge

I’m crossing an old steel bridge rusted by time

--left to deteriorate by indifference

through golden farmlands, hello cows I say Moo—-

they watch me curiously or pay no mind

I wish I had a musical instrument 

because cows love music being played to them

don’t hop a train, don’t walk on train tracks

don’t hitchhike don’t don’t don’t

old joke/// driver says “You know, your brave

I could be a serial killer 

hitchhiker says “I thought of that 

but what are the odds of two serial killers 

being in the same car?” Hahahahaha 

they’re trying to legislate all the fun out of life

or what fun there is anyway--

I’m gonna just keep walkin’

nobody’s gonna take my freedom away

enjoying the sun, rain, wind, and snow

making my way to old chicago--

dont know what I will do when I do get there 

but I’ll do something —- maybe say hello 

to the old lions guarding michigan avenue