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April 1, 2022

M00n Look Over Me

under full moons and no moons
moon shadows and moonshine -

beams of spirit in abundance 

slivers of shining pure illuminated ecstasy 

drenching the soul in a universal lilt

bright sunlight so bright and darkness of night

night breezes whispering you’ve found it boy

dont let it slip away now

who knows how long this will last 

this will most likely be in the past - one day

one day of dooooom

better enjoy it while you can 

walkin’ through rows of trees 

oaks maples elms weeping willows

I hope you weep with happiness 

the joy of being 

waving hello and goodbye

and over the rivers gurgling and splashing below---on long time resident rocks 

that silently watch everything pass

the water, the sun crossing the sky

animals on their old stomping grounds 

stopping in for a drink